MediaAsides: How a leading media group sacked its boozard CEO for misbehaviour

05 Mar,2013

There’s been much relief in the newsrooms as the CEO of a leading media organization got the marching orders from his bosses last Friday.


Earlier in the day, the CEO’s boss (the Group CEO) sent a mail to employees:


“Dear All

We in  holding company  came to know last evening of an incidence where ?CEO name? had not acted in the best interest of the company. While not being present in office throughout the day, he, in inebriated state, took some irrational decisions and humiliated key management team members on phone.

These key members, due to his repeated such behaviour, have lost faith in his abilities to lead ?Leading brand Name? team.

We as corporate do not tolerate such behaviour from any team member. We expect that all of our team should always show respect towards each other and work in interest of the company.

Thus taking exceptional notice of this incidence, ?Leading brand Name? board has decided to terminate services of ?CEO name? with immediate effect.

We have persuaded ?Trusted lieutenant? to stay back with us and take charge. He and xyz will make sure that moral of all you team members is boosted again and we continue to perform and make our mark in Mumbai.

ABC and DEF: I will ask you to make sure that our edit and advertising team members remain motivated.

We have full confidence that all of you will continue to work and achieve targets set out by management in an amicable manner with full coordination.

For any assistance and support we have asked our representatives GHI and JKL to be present with you all.

All the best.


CEO, GHI XYZ Limited”


So why aren’t we naming names? Although we have received the mail from three different sources, since it’s not been validated by the sender or his/her organization as well the CEO in question, we have dropped the individual’s names as well as that of the organization. However, it’s not too tough to figure who’s who and one doesn’t have to look too far for hints on who the CEO is (note: the boozard in the headline is our usage, but the implication is in the mail).


There is reportedly much relief in not just the offices of this media organization plus but also for those who quit thanks to the man who won few hearts. We have a few questions:


1. If there were complaints in the past which pointed to the the CEO in often in a drunken state, why was he allowed to continue?

2. While the holding company should be commended for allowing a free run to the team, shouldn’t the bosses have their ears to the ground and know who’s working and who’s not? (or shall we say, Kaan-put in a Gupt way)

3. For instance did you know that the axed CEO wouldn’t come to work twice days in a week? So only three days of work in a week!

4. Will you now continue to persist with the regressive paid content policy that the axed CEO introduced and championed?

5. Does the organization have a policy on alcohol consumption? Not just in office, but can an employee be consuming alcohol while on duty or at work?


We understand that attempts are being made to reopen papers and look at some of the business decisions taken by the former boss.

Until then the new dispensation is getting its act together.

It’s a question of morals and morale. Jaago!


Some movements in trade media too…

There has been some action on the other side of the fence – in the trade media too. Anant Rangaswami, senior editor at FirstPost will now hold additional charge as editor of Storyboard, the popular A&M show on CNBC TV18. The change happened due to the moving on of Anuradha SenGupta who did a brilliant job as editor and anchor for 12-odd years!

Elsewhere, exchange4media group’s executive editor Noor Fathima Warsia is also said to have quit after a long and successful innings with the group. No clues on her next port of call. Ditto with Anuradha SenGupta. When asked on Twitter by digital marketer on when one would know of her next destination, she replied: “As soon as I decide…the journey’s good right now :)”



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