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05 Mar,2013

By A Correspondent


Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) has launched a market intelligence product called MICA Indian Marketing Intelligence (MIMI) that assists businesses in making sound and strategic marketing and business decisions in India.


Built around a unique data-fusion algorithm developed by the professors and researchers at MICA, MIMI fuses the variety of structured information, compiled from authentic sources, to provide a composite, granular market-view. It also provides Market Potential Index (MPI) and other data separately for rural, urban and total Indian market for more than 630 districts, hitherto not provided by any other similar product.


The main highlights of MIMI are:-

Provides market potential index: As one of the most acute needs of the marketer is to arrive at a district prioritization for purposes ranging from market entry to product/Service launch, MIMI provides Market Potential Index (MPI) for 630 districts for rural, urban and total market. The higher the MPI, the higher is the market prioritization.


Provides a wide array of Information and applicability: With 143 variables across rural and urban market, MIMI provides data related to Demographics, Agricultural, Financial Services, Media Ownership, Vehicle Ownership, House Hold (HH) Size and Usage, HH Basic Amenities, HH Light and Fuel, etc. to be applied across sectors ranging from Construction and FMCG to Telecom.


Simplifies decision-making: To interpret data quickly and effectively, MIMI provides a host of features like Graphs, GIS maps, Quartile and Potentiometer in downloadable format. These features are helpful for better presentation of the data and clarity of analysis. For example, if a marketer would like to target a specific region, the Quartile-based model helps him to compare various districts on selected variables, simultaneously, to arrive at a comparative picture.


User-friendly interface: With a highly interactive website and user friendly interface, users can perform a large number of functions like execute simple arithmetic functions, customize variables, save work-space, compare districts across the states, besides others, with the help of MIMI’s superlative filtered features.


Comes with zero IT cost: MIMI is based on a powerful cloud platform, and eliminates the need for software upgrades and hardware maintenance.


Has composite score for selected categories of variables: To better understand the prosperity of a district and penetration of assets, composite score for selected categories of variables like agriculture, financial services, media ownership, and vehicle ownership are provided.


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