I expect this year’s theme to throw up more innovative ideas and strategies: Karan Johar

08 Mar,2013

As Co-Chairman of Ficci Frames 2013, Karan Johar has a very clear mandate at hand for the event. That is to communicate very clearly to the stakeholders on where the industry currently is and where can it be in the future.


According to Johar, while the Indian M&E sector is in a robust growth phase, at the same time it occupies less than one per cent of the global M&E pie. The task will be to work towards a roadmap for Indian films to gross Rs 1000 crore for a film. Though it’s difficult it is surely not impossible, asserts Johar to MxM India.



What is the mandate that you’d be laying out as you open the proceedings on day 1 of Ficci Frames 2013?

Our mandate is very clear. We have to communicate very clearly to our stakeholders on where we are and where can be. Indian M&E Sector is in a robust growth phase, but at the same time, we are less than one per cent of the global M&E pie. Already, at the Ficci Frames Curtain Raiser show we had made our ambitions clear.


The Rs 100 crore is limiting the growth and content of our films and we have to aim for Rs 1,000 crore from a film. It may not be possible today. But we have to have a mandate to achieve that. FICCI will work towards a roadmap for Indian films to gross Rs 1000 crore for a film. It is not an impossible task. We have a session on planning and creating a Rs 1000 crore blockbuster.


We exchange ideas at Ficci Frames and my biggest takeaway is to learn new thinks which I don’t know about. We set the agenda, but overall we learn new things over three days.


What are your views on the underlying theme – ‘Engaging One Billion Consumers’ – that has been decided for Ficci Frames this year?

Ficci Frames will be 14 years this year. We have grown leaps and bounds. The next phase of Ficci Frames is to focus and drive the entire media and entertainment sector to take the next big leap — therefore the theme ‘Engaging a billion Consumers’. We are still at the tip of the iceberg and we need to engage and take our products out to those billion consumers. A focused topic like this will bring in a huge mindset change to the industry. I am sure this year’s theme would throw innovative ideas and strategies to our products and business models. I believe that our new agenda will be the change agent for social and commercial development, connecting a billion people.


As Co-Chairman of Ficci Frames for 2013, what has been the attempt to infuse a dose of freshness in content and ideas at the event?

The freshness you are talking about can be reflected in the theme that we have shortlisted. We debate ourselves, see around the world, and decide on what would energise the Indian Media and Entertainment sector.


How would you define the year 2012 for the movie industry in India – in terms of growth and venturing into new frontiers?

The last two years has been very good for Bollywood. We have tasted success not only in big films but small films too have done very well. More and more people are consuming films than before. The multiplexes are on the rise and more and more are getting added in small towns. The films are released in the vicinity of your neighbourhood. The total box office collections have crossed more than $1 billion in 2012. Overall, the film industry has grown by over 40 per cent.


Simultaneously, Hindi films are being released in more screens and watched by more people in the overseas market. New territories are also getting added.


Over the last few years not only has the dynamics of the film business changed but the distribution and marketing aspects of films has changed too. This trend has expanded growth not only in commercial films but regional small budget and Hollywood films too.


What are the learnings that the film fraternity could take away from Ficci Frames this year?

Ficci Frames is a platform that brings best of the creative and business minds to engage with delegates. Delegates come to the event to seek different things. Someone’s agenda is to scout talent and another person may have just come to look for finance. Whatever time I have spent in attending sessions, I have learnt the most from them. In fact, I admitted this on the podium last year. There are certain things you are not aware of and sitting on the panel or in the audience you imbibe new things. This must be the experience that others also go through I guess.


Personally, which are the sessions/speakers that you’re looking forward to at the event?

I am looking forward to the panel debate on taking our movies to the Rs 1000 crore frontier.


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