Guardian ed Alan Rusbridger’s 10 mantras of Open Journalism

20 Mar,2013

Alan Rusbridger

By A Correspondent


Digital first has been the maxim that the Guardian has adopted over the years and with only the Daily Mail and New York Times ahead of it in Comscore ratings, the gambit has paid off. The Guardian’s Chief Editor Alan Rusbridger was in Mumbai at the invitation of the Press Club en route to New Delhi for the Big Tent Activate Summit being organized by Google and Guardian with MediaGuru.


Mr Rusbridger said while revenues from digital is still around a quarter of the overall revenues of the newspaper company embracing digital is the only way to go. Mr Rusbridger has been editor of the Guardian since 1995. He is editor-in-chief of Guardian News & Media, a member of the GNM and GMG Boards and a member of the Scott Trust, which owns the Guardian and the Observer newspapers.


Talking on the subject ‘The Future of Journalism in a Digital Age’, Mr Rusbridger shared the 10 mantras or traits of ‘Open Journalism’ that the Guardian has been practising with much success.


1. Open Journalism encourages participation and invites a response

2. It is not an inert, us-to-them form of publishing

3. Invokes others in the pre-publication processes

4. Open journalism helps form communities of joint interest

5. It’s open on the Web. It links to, collaborates with others

6. It aggregates and curates the work of others

7. It recognizes journalists are not the only voices of authority

8. It aspires to achieve and reflect diversity

9. With open journalism, publishing is the start of the journalistic process and not the end

10. It’s transparent and open to challenge, it allows for corrections and clarifications


The session at the Press Club Mumbai was organized as part of a monthly knowledge series and is sponsored by Concept Communications.


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