Fast company: Mahindra acts on digital feedback

04 Mar,2013

By A Correspondent


Social media is quick on the draw, and companies have to be on the ball to respond equally fast. A good case in point is that of the Mahindra SUV TVC.


Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) recently launched its new television commercial for its premium SUV model, the XUV500. The television commercial reinforces its brand positioning of ‘May your life be full of stories’. Based on the experiences of three young friends who embark on a journey, together, the ad is set in South Africa. A two-minute uncut version of the television commercial was first premiered on the digital platform for fans & digital communities. When it first premiered on the digital platform, the XUV500 was shown with an Indian number plate against a South African backdrop. Among conversations in social media, this was seen as an anomaly. Mahindra made a conscious effort to listen & act on the feedback swiftly by changing the license plates to a South African number through a very specialized process. The change and acceptance of customer feedback was appreciated by the digital community and fans.


It struck the right chord with Facebook fans and the YouTube community, already crossing more than 2.6 million views on YouTube.


Vivek Nayer, Chief Marketing Officer, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd said, “This new communication is based on the consumer insight that, new experiences are the new wealth in today’s world. Being rich is not about money alone, with ‘ memorable experiences ‘ becoming the new currency. The idea was to create an aspiration among consumers to go on exciting road trips where the XUV500 can play an enabling role in the fulfillment of its brand promise of “May your life be full of stories”. The new television commercial of the XUV500 has been successful in creating a connect and aspiration for the next generation of car & SUV buyers who are seeking new experiences in their lives.”


Mr Nayer told MxMIndia, “We give our social media communities special privilege for the exclusive preview of the new TV advertisements. Also on TV a two-minute version becomes very costly to air, so we use the digital platform to promote the longer version of the TV ad. In keep with same principle a two-minute uncut version of the television commercial was first premiered on the digital platform for the exclusive viewing of fans & digital communities.”


However, they did not have to reshoot the complete advertisement. The license plates were changed in the advertisement to a South African number plate using a specialized process called rotoscopy. “The task was very challenging as it involved changing of the number plate frame by frame in every shot of the video, synchronizing it with the surroundings and adjusting the colour, ,” said Mr Nayer. The cost of doing this, he said, was less than what a re-shootw would have amounted to.



Ad Agency – Interface Communications

Production House – Chrome Films


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