Debrief: Tata Tea: Good use of Women’s Day

12 Mar,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Tata Tea, the brand that favours public service advertising, did a special number for Women’s Day. They roped in Shah Rukh Khan, I guess because of his popular persona of a ‘ladies man’. Well, at least they had some logic going, usually SRK is used mindlessly in all ads.


So this lady journo has gone to interview Shah Rukh on Women’s Day. The hero belts out the usual stuff about the need for women to stay ahead of us ghastly men in all walks of life. The reporter stumps him with a deadly question (wow, that’s unusual for TV journos!). Why does the heroine’s name appear after the hero’s name in the movie credit titles? An unnerved SRK reaches for his cup of Tata Tea to clear his thoughts, though am sure he would rather have a smoke. And then our gallant hero makes a promise that from here on the lady actor’s name will appear ahead of his. Change made. Small change, and that’s the message from Tata Tea: Make small changes.


It’s a good ad. For two reasons. One, we are talking real change out here, unlike the gassing that usually goes on over women’s issues. Two, for a change, SRK has been used correctly in an advertisement. He plays himself, and this interaction with a journo can easily be happening on the lawns of Mannat. Therefore the communication is credible. And credibility is a rarity in SRK ads. High marks just for that.


However, what the star promises isn’t a small change, it’s actually a pappu change. He should have been compelled to promise that actresses in his movies will now get paid as much as he does. Now that’s the equality we want! Think it’s time for me to interview Mr Ladies Man. 🙂


Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 3.5. SRK used well. Good, topical idea.


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