Anil Thakraney: The Ram Singh conspiracies

13 Mar,2013

By Anil Thakraney


And so, as you would expect, the media (mass and social) is buzzing with conspiracy theories over rapist-cum-killer Ram Singh’s death. Every single bizarre theory is being propounded, but no one is willing to wait for the inquiry committee to do its job. Why? Well, because conspiracies make for juicy gossip sessions. No one, not even the Tweeters, is willing to even accept the possibility that Singh may have simply killed himself in the dead of the night.


Think about this: The whole world is baying for your blood, you have been identified by the key witness, there’s no chance in hell of getting out of this mess. Every other day you are being forced to eat shit, or being sodomised by fellow inmates. And the jail staffers aren’t really keen on stopping the torture, they are, in fact, delighted at the free entertainment. Also, if it took them four long years to get rid of a hardcore terrorist like Kasab, you may have to live in this hell-hole for a much longer time. So what’s the best option? Get the bloody f*&k out. I or you would do the same thing in these circumstances; we would find crazy methods to eliminate ourselves. I can imagine Singh convincing himself every other day with this compelling logic: Katle bhaiyya, isi mein samajhdaari hai.


In other words, it’s entirely possible the undertrial invented an ingenuous method to commit suicide. Therefore instead of indulging in wild conspiracy theories, the media should spend all its time and energy in questioning the Tihar officials for their gross negligence. Here was a man dying to kill himself, they ought to have known.


One other thing: Once again the so-called human rights activists are out of the woodwork. All vociferously defending the rights of the scumbag called Ram Singh. It’s funny how these guys always rise for the rights of criminals, but never for the victims and their families. If you suffer from a low blood pressure problem, watch these folks in action. You’ll heal without any medical help.




PS: Spotted Arvind Kejriwal smiling at me from the back of a Delhi auto rickshaw. Poor man, guess he needs to find low cost avenues to fund his party’s promotions. Kejriwal certainly won’t be able to afford a full page ad in the TOI. Anyway, do hope the ‘aam aadmi leader’, while buying space from the rick drivers, convinces them to stop denying their aam aadmi passengers. After all, it is these dolts who, with their refusal to ply, triggered the horrific Delhi gang rape and murder.




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