Anil Thakraney: Be a cool feminist

08 Mar,2013

By Anil Thakraney


While one is all for feminism, I am allergic to militant feminists, the sort who are convinced that every single male walking the earth is a bloody misogynist, and the creep deserves to be immediately annihilated. Obviously this kind of thinking is counterproductive. And what worries me is this, and I state this from firsthand experience, having spent a number of years in the world of media and advertising: More and more young women seem to be growing into the militant mould in the world of communication.


How did this come to happen? Well, if the mother hen, so to speak, is virulently anti-male, the chicks, so to speak, who work under her, are sure to emulate the example. And this leads to the mushrooming of hard-edged feminists in media companies and advertising agencies. Let me tell you this very candidly: There’s nothing more off-putting and repulsive than a woman who’s convinced of male inferiority, and whose mission in life is to go one up on us men.


On this Women’s Day, here’s a thought for my fairer friends: The reason women make for better team leaders is because of the feminine values they bring to the table, apart from the obvious gender-neutral leadership skills. She can be tough and compassionate at the same time. She can be extremely focused yet sensitive to her people’s needs. She brings in a great deal of commitment to the job, and yet gives poor performers in her team a long rope. This makes for a deadly combination of professionalism and humanity, and this is why I strongly believe the CEO ratio, which is currently skewed in the favour of men, will swing the other way in the coming decades. Yes, women make for better leaders, that I am entirely sure about.


However, the militant sort fritter away their natural advantages by trying to constantly score over men, by being intolerant of any criticism of feminism, and by being dogmatic in their set beliefs. And ironically, when they do this, they make the same mistakes we men have been making for centuries. In fact, they become exactly like us men!


As the Indian corporate world stands on the cusp of change, I urge my beautiful colleagues to be proud feminists. But to not lose their innate feminism in the process. That would go directly against what they are trying to achieve. Be strong. Be sexy. Be cool. Be kind. And we cave men will love and respect you even more.


Happy Women’s Day!



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