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25 Mar,2013

By Johnson Napier has announced the launch of a next-generation music application that seeks to enhance the way users listen to and experience music and videos across devices. With the launch of this app, plans to break the competitive digital music market by not only bringing unique features but also elevating the music listening experience of users by allowing them to watch videos and socialise while streaming their favourite Bollywood, regional and international music.


Sidhartha Roy

Said Siddhartha Roy, COO Hungama, “ has many firsts attached to our name. With the launch of the only music app with video and audio playout, and the only entertainment app that introduces a gamification and loyalty programme within the app, we are confident that we have a stellar product for our consumers.”


Explaining the game-changing experience that the app will offer users, Roy said that there are primarily five features that differentiate it from all the apps out there. “First and foremost it is the great music experience- whether it is the way the app is presenting the music or the great quality it plays etc. Secondly, our music is derivative of our movies- we don’t just listen to music we watch it! Therefore we wanted to give the consumer video streaming so they may enjoy the entire musical experience. Also as a business has always been about music and video. It was a natural to take this visual experience onto our app as well.”


He added, “We also kept in mind the fact that there are times when a consumer wants to express himself, and wants to listen to a curated playlist keeping his mood in mind. The app has a rich Mood Discovery feature that finds and plays music to match the user’s mood. This feature allows users to discover music based on their preferences – Mood, Tempo, Language, Genre or Era. And finally, the biggest game changer is our gamification and loyalty program. We are the first music app to reward the consumer for his every action on the app. With this feature, users can earn points every time they watch videos, play/share music, invite friends or create playlists. We believe this feature will increase engagement and consumer delight.”


On the economics for accessing the content, Mr Roy said that the app is free to download on the iOS and Android devices with full-length music streaming and a 30 seconds preview on video streaming. If a consumer wishes to upgrade to a full length video streaming on iOS, the service costs Rs. 110 or USD 1.99 and on Android it is Rs. 50. Further more on android consumers can also download-to-own content, which is priced at Rs. 5 per music or video, he said.


Explaining the monetization plan from the new service, Roy said, “The app that has been launched comes with transaction, a micro-charging model that is unique to, an integral part of this app. This is enabled through the telco ecosystem. As for monetization, the business has always been and will remain a transaction-driven business. The app is another touch point for the consumer to enjoy his music anytime, anywhere.”


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