AdStrat: V-Guard’s ad with a twist

25 Mar,2013

Nandgopal Nair, Head Corporate Communications, V-Guard Industries Ltd


Name of the campaign/ad – Lucky Singh


The Brief – The brief was to create brand recall and consumer preference for V-Guard wires in a low-involvement category influenced heavily by contractors and electricians.


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Research insights

  • Consumers were not able to recall any wire brands beyond Havells which had broken the mould earlier in the (boring) rational wires category
  • Protection from short circuits is the most credible and compelling reason to invest in a better quality brand
  • In the absence of spontaneous, top of mind recall for a brand, consumers were likely to be influenced by recommendations of dealers, contractors and electricians
  • Influencer groups like dealers, contractors and electricians are not averse to recommending a brand that enjoys high advertising recall since it is readily accepted by the consumer


The thought process behind the creative – The thought process behind the creative was to tell a (brand) story so relatable and enjoyable that it stood apart in the category, became a conversation piece and created preference for V-Guard wires.


Media vehicles chosen – Since the commercial was intended to enter the social conversation and sharing space, it was launched in social media and digital media, and then extended to television.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad

  • The advertising must be relatable, enjoyable and memorable – casting and simplicity of the story was key
  • The communication must incorporate the brand’s competitive advantage as part of the story


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? The advertising is a humorous narrative which hasn’t been tried in the category. It’s a rags-to-riches story set in the in the fantasy world of films where such things happen. But with a twist at the end, that this dream world we all live or want to live can come crashing down with the wrong choice of wires.


Ad-agency comment: Nishant Gangadharan , creative director, Publicis Ambience-Bangalore, says, “Wires is a low involvement category, the challenge on our part was to ensure that we can have consumers sit up, take notice, enjoy it and share it with their friends, colleagues and family and yet communicate something as serious as a devastating fire caused by a short circuit without the use of fear as a stimulus.”


Client comment – Nandgopal Nair, Head-Corporate Communications, V-Guard Industries Ltd says, “Wires are almost like a commodity, with very little distinguishing one brand from the other. Studies have indicated that short circuits and low quality wires were the prime causes for electrical fires that cause damage. The offering from V-Guard to counter this is triple layered wires- an extra layer for extra protection. The challenge in the communication was to how engagingly we could drive this message forward. Bollywood and the rags-to-riches story is integral in almost every middle class Indian dream. Hence when the agency presented the concept with a twist, it was taken up by the team.”


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