AdStrat: Polycab’s first ad

18 Mar,2013

R Ramakrishnan, Vice Chairman, Joint MD & Group CEO, Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd


Name of the campaign/ad Safe raho. Save karo


The Brief Polycab is a household name within the B2B circle. However, there is lack of awareness of the brand in the B2C space. Hence, we needed to strike an effective communication that would reach out to our end consumers. So our brief to the agency was simple – Create awareness in peoples mind about Polycab wires; the fact of getting people thinking about what really lies concealed behind their walls. Besides that, the end consumers need to be aware that Polycab happens to be the no1 cables n wires company that also provides 25 percent saving on electricity consumption. Our new identity was also to be announced and hence it was a formidable task.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]

Research insights Everyone expects their household wires to be safe, but nobody really cares about which wires they use. Out of sight generally becomes out of mind. Before the TVC was created, the agency conducted extensive research on various aspects of the brand like the product promises, the brand’s role, consumer insights, etc. Polycab uses wires that are made of extremely pure copper. This gives excellent conductivity and low conductor resistance which is the main property that helps is saving electricity. The criteria responsible for safety and savings together upholds the promise extended by the brand which is aptly described in its tag line – Safe raho, Save karo. With the findings of the research we were certain that our core communication would need to be about safety and savings together.


The thought process behind the creative The key thought was to spread impactful awareness of the brand Polycab and impress upon the fact that there are potential dangers in our house with possible faulty wiring. We wanted to be the torchbearers of ‘Safety’ as well as ‘Savings’. By portraying familiar cinematic characteristics, we ensure that the consumer has an instant and enjoyable connect with the TVC and eventually, the brand.


Media vehicles chosen Since this is our first ad campaign, we decided to choose the medium that reaches out directly to our consumers in the most impactful manner. Hence the choice was clearly to go with Television.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad Everybody is talking safety and technological superiority. The concept of Savings is not being actively communicated for household wires. We explored this critical gap and combined them into one core hard-hitting message.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? The launch of our very first ad campaign marks a new milestone for us in many ways. With this TVC, we also unveil our new corporate identity which will help our consumers understand and identify us better. While we are amongst the leading players in the industry, as a brand we evangelize the proposition of ‘safety’ and all our communication reinforces our message. We are very excited to present our new proposition and are confident this will only propel our brand to new heights. The TVC has creatively transformed a regular breakfast meal within the family, into an exciting battle zone. This creativity is not only visually different, but it also catches the attention of the viewer instantly. The subtle messages of ‘safety’ and ‘savings’ that the brand wants to deliver, is brilliantly captured in this 40 second TVC.


Client comment. Agnello Dias, Chairman & Co-Founder Taproot India, says, “Working so closely with the Polycab marketing team was a stimulating experience and the film does a strategically precise balancing act of driving home the dangerous folly of treating wires like a blind spot that does not matter. To do this in a charming tone of voice that couches a serious warning along with strong product benefits is the fruit of true collaboration between the marketing team and the agency’s brand team.”


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