TELiBrahma launches Brandclub

08 Feb,2013

By A Correspondent


Mobile advertising solutions company TELiBrahma has launched Brandclub, a digital media closest to Point of Sale to enhance media efficiencies by targeting consumers who are within the vicinity of the retail outlets.


Brandclub enables retailers to cross-leverage partner network to increase and engage the walk-ins. Brandclub will offer consumers the best shopping experience at a given shopping destination. They can get relevant information about new arrivals, coupons, menus, offers and other promotional content from the store they are in, as well those nearby.


Upon connecting to Brandclub through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, consumers can access the above information right on their mobile phones without having to download any application.


Retail Brands can benefit from Brandclub by engaging deeper with serious shoppers and also generate additional walk-ins from the participating brands in their cluster. Brandclub can deliver reach to consumers within the proximity, with the commitment of a reach to eight-times the footfalls at fraction of the cost of other media; this in addition to increased targeting, interactivity and measurements possible.


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