One Big Idea by Vikas Nowal: It is important to ensure that communication can garner attention

11 Feb,2013

By Vikas Nowal, Vice president, DDB Mudramax & National Head, Clear Channel Mudra


Out-of-home, in the last decade or so has really worked hard to come into its own as a lead medium, a significant element of a client’s marketing spend, with specific strengths to offer, rather than simply an amplification mechanism for print and TV communication.


OOH by definition has become increasingly undefined, and therefore the game has transformed into first grabbing attention, then engaging the viewer then delivering value that is measurable and enables another format to close the loop, or drive action.


Integration is no longer about taking various media formats alone, it also means tailoring your message to capitalize on these formats, and let each feed off the other to amplify your information dissemination.


An important aspect is visibility combined with interactive elements – through technology, social media and creative advancements, to ensure that it works harder to deliver value.


Considering the high clutter and media bombardment, leading to fatigue, it is important to ensure communication can garner attention. Digital engagement, social media extensions, SMS integration are some of the ways to ensure audiences remember your message, as well as build in some amount of measurability into the outlay as well.


My submission to most clients has been, if you’re spending money on the medium, let it work harder for you, to take your message further. Ensure you use the inherent strengths of the media – reminder, frequency and reach to relevant audiences, by minimizing the weaknesses – blind spots, lack of nimbleness, foggy ROI models.


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