One Big Idea by Vijay Subramaniam: Betting on children-led family entertainment

27 Feb,2013

By Vijay Subramaniam, Executive Director, Kids Network, DisneyUTV


Kids today have gone from being just ‘influencers’ to playing the role of ‘active consultants’ to parents on most household purchase decisions, be it automobiles or real estate to content that is being watched on television.


Kids speak and parents listen without prejudice, mirroring a significant opportunity for kids-led family entertainment.


Disney is committed to building a family entertainment brand in India and is consciously focused on showcasing memorable stories and wonderful characters that are locally relevant, wrapped with engaging experiences, all of which appeal to the entire family through strong emotional connections.


Disney Channel has kept the creative momentum going to effectively tap the opportunity in this space. Our efforts have been led by record-breaking successes in the locally produced fiction space with family comedies in the kids’ genre, original animation and Disney movies. Shows such as Best of Luck Nikki and Suite Life of Karan and Kabir have performed incredibly well for us – immediately and dramatically improving performance of Disney Channel and reinforcing the vision that we have had of kids-led family entertainment in India. Disney Channel is the only channel in the kids’ space thus far to have touched the 200 GRP mark propelled by these successes.


Today, along with creative content, it’s extremely essential to take television out of the box and create simple yet unforgettable engagements for consumers, which take their favourite narratives forward to build a memorable experience, emotional connections for everyone in the family including kids, parents and grandparents. And this is precisely what has been at the heart of our brand philosophy. Our most recent campaign, Disney Channel’s Jet Set Go, is an example. The campaign saw an unprecedented 6 million entries from all parts of the country, took a plane full of kids and their families to Disneyland, giving them a lifetime full of magical memories, and culminated with a first-of-its kind billboard in the sky – the first ever Disney branded aircraft in the country.


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