One Big Idea by Vandana Das:Getting into the consumer’s skin via social networks

07 Feb,2013

By Vandana Das, President, DDB Mudra Group


The biggest ideas will strike us in social media. Proximity-based social networks, understanding chatter, mobile learning and new benchmarks in ad measurement will storm the whole place and help marketers get into the consumer’s skin.


Communication will evolve by leaps and bounds. We’ll start talking to strangers in a big way. Proximity-based social networks will allow you to identify like-minded individuals. As you ride a bus or attend a seminar, your smartphone will identify individuals nearby whom you should probably know. Our smart devices will become a way to meet new people in realtime, taking networking, hiring, marketing, dating and other interactions to the next level.


We’ll focus on understanding chatter (those billions of data points being created by people every day as they interact online, with each other and with a multitude of websites and social networks) and understanding how chatter can be used to improve customer relationships and drive sales.


With millions of smartphones in and the tablet market taking off, companies will invest in mobile learning in order to reach customers.


Measuring the success of advertising and marketing campaigns has historically been a challenge for marketers, most notably with print campaigns and television. With social media emerging as an appealing channel for many brands today, marketers are likewise faced with similar challenges with regard to tracking campaign success. In time to come we’ll see more marketers tracking the ROI of campaigns like these through call tracking. TV and print will grow distant, social media will come closest. Life will be digitized.


From the consumer’s skin in the real world to the consumer’s skin in the virtual world… that’s where we are headed.


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