One Big Idea by Upen Rai: The mother of all utility devices – the mobile

12 Feb,2013

By Upen Rai, COO & Executive Director, Ant Farm


One wished that it was simple as one big idea and the pace of the digital industry could change – the only common thing is change! Followed by adoption and application. To dwell on the one big idea may really not be the ideal way as most of the thoughts and ideas every day/night is that one big idea until the next one stares us in the face!!


What does the industry thrive on? It’s only one common factor and that is people, audiences, traffic, and engagement with them. My bet is on mobile. With over 900 million subscribers it’s a matter of time before mobile actually runs our lives – how do we keep the audiences engaged with their devices and how do we help them perform better in whatever field they are related to…


Today most application developers are busy finding that ‘niche’ to operate in and help ease the burden of the consumer; however, there is no universal app which can multitask. During such instances, the big idea will come when one single app can multitask for you – from tutoring, to local, to finance to dating to recipes etc all rolled into one big idea. That will be the day when the mobile will become the mother of all utility devices.


So you will have less clutter on your screen, not have to download a newer app all the time and all you need to do is download this one app; and multitask! This coupled with the ease in bandwidth and lower cost is a sure-shot winner – move this on to digital and you are set – populate this on Social and get the fans going…


So developers out there, here is your chance.


Go for it!


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