One Big Idea by Siddhartha Mukherjee: Be One, think Big, get Idea!

04 Feb,2013

By Siddhartha Mukherjee, Sr. VP – Eikona PR Measurement


‘One’ Measurement Currency: One central currency is a sign of health for any economy or industry sector. Today, our Public Relations industry needs ‘One Single’ (measurement) currency to create oneness and initiate healthy dialogues between corporates and their consultancies. First create health by converging and creating ONE central PR Measurement system…wealth will automatically follow! Let us no longer boast of high annual growth rates on small denominators.


PR’s ‘Big’ Leap: Don’t do PR just because that is simply the norm or if you are not clear about the business objective. Here is where PR should take the next Big Leap to ‘Reputation’ building. Mere sprinkle of your brand’s name in editorials does not create reputation…instead reputation is all about what brands emote for each stakeholder. Very few corporates though, but good to see them getting internally aligned with the single objective of creating reputation!


The ‘Idea’ of doing PR for PR and with numbers: The internal customers of the PR desk want proof that PR works, can be measured and hence involve top management. Here is where the PR machinery should do PR for PR with Data/Measurement. Even after more than two decades, we are yet to weed out the elementary yet, cancerous EAV evaluation from the system. The industry needs organic growth which is possible only if: a) We do our PR b) For this, use self devised scientific metrics…not those that have been copy-pasted from advertising! Get an idea…think long term!


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