One Big Idea by Saurav Ghosh: Need to make organised data procurement a reality

20 Feb,2013

By Saurav Ghosh, Business Director, ZenithMedia


Traditionally, the Indian out-of-home industry (OOH) or the erstwhile outdoor advertising industry in India works more like a property rental agency than a media agency. It works on quantity more than quality oblivious on how to grab the consumer’s eyeball. It’s time to understand that with advent of the newer mediums of advertising like social media, internet media & others, it’s rapidly losing out its share without the availability of syndicated data. To a media planner, it gets difficult to justify spends in OOH than in other mediums in the absence of subsisting data. Therefore, organised data procurement in line with OSCAR or MOVE type of OOH analysis is of prime importance today.


There is also a necessity to discipline the OOH properties with a shift from dependency on billboards to other forms of OOH properties i.e. building wraps, projections, facade branding etc. With modern town planning and rising skylines, OOH properties need to be more utility based inorder to be relevant to time.


But these all need a thorough research in the traffic data like that of TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau) or COMB (Canadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau) for which media owners and global agencies need to coordinate. OOH media will always have its importance but disciplined, organised trade practices only add to the justification of the advertising spend.

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