One Big Idea by Sanjay Shah: OOH needs to demonstrate accountability, measurability, and ROI

05 Feb,2013

By Sanjay Shah, CEO, Blue Sky Brandcomm Asia Pvt Ltd


The greatest challenge for the OOH sector is in demonstrating accountability, measurability, and ROI. It is extremely important for gut feel to be replaced by science and mathematics.


Being able to demonstrate these to clients will be one of the greatest opportunities for the OOH sector. It will help agencies to bring in efficiencies where marketing budgets will work harder to achieve more or the same, with less rupees. It will enable OOH to demonstrate its ability to deliver on campaign goals and ultimately, to contribute to the clients’ bottom-line. It is admittedly an opportunity and simultaneously, a challenge.


It is my firm belief, the day this medium becomes authentically measurable and the ROI can be calculated, this medium will rule.


Spends in the medium will grow by leaps and bounds and more and more categories and brands will start using the OOH medium. The conventional outdoor medium will grow in stature and will be more often used as the lead medium for launches and repositioning… And the medium, which had a non supportive attitude all this while, will now shift to be an infrastructure support industry. This will definitely help the medium get an industry status, which is strongly lacking today. Once this happens, the whole outlook towards the medium will change. Media owners will not at all hesitate in ploughing back their revenues into the medium to make outdoor properties look aesthetically good and pleasing to the eye and which would easily enhance and blend into the environment


This would ensure that the OOH industry has a robust infrastructure, disciplined and organized to meet top-notch global standards and continue to support the booming Indian advertising landscape.


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