One Big Idea by Sajjan Kumar: Internet – the productivity tool par excellence

25 Feb,2013

By Sajjan Kumar, VP, Imaging, Nikon India


The internet is the one of the biggest technological innovations mankind has ever had, which surely seems to have stirred a revolution. At the time of its inception, the inventors couldn’t fathom the sensation it would become or the major role it would play in our day-to-day lives. The internet world as we know it today has undergone far-reaching changes since its early days while becoming a critical communications infrastructure underpinning our economic performance and social welfare.


Starting from its modest birth, the Internet has already profoundly changed our economic and social world and will remain the same in the future. If today’s Internet is a crucial element of our economy, the future Internet will play an even more vital role in every conceivable business process. It will become the productivity tool “par excellence”.


Internet technology is ever-evolving. It is predicted that cloud control is key to the future of the internet, and with the growth of smartphones and tablets, mobile technology is now at the heart of personal computing. People are using the mobile web and applications to interact with friends and family through social media, as well as access, explore, buy and consume everything from content and services to information, entertainment and utilities, from anywhere at any time. In a world increasingly dominated by mobile devices, location and relevancy matter, the businesses should aim to take advantage of the unique characteristics and benefits that the mobile platform can provide.


The next big move will be to tap users browsing the internet through mobile devices, and using various channels within the mobile medium to garner high traction for the business. This will bring about possibilities like we have never had before.


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