One Big Idea by Prasad Shejale: Big Data will improve customer insights and preferences

08 Feb,2013

By Prasad Shejale, CEO and Co-Founder, LogicServe


“Customer is King” may be an old adage, but stands accurate. The next big idea in online commerce is identifying and catering to the unique needs of the king, without having him spell it out but by simply observing and gathering his online patterns with Big Data. Big Data is user’s online behaviour gathered from everywhere – sensors accumulating climate information, social media sites, pictures, videos, purchase records, GPS signals, browsing history to name a few.


Big Data is big, fast and real-time and making sense of this data via thorough analysis gives invaluable insights to customise customers’ shopping experience with you. Analysing the Big Data, attributing the findings to various layers and bucketing this information enables marketers to smartly link up their product offerings. This must NOT be confused with re-marketing, it is beyond all that. With Big Data one can tap the user’s nerve from moment to moment. It can drill down to this: A person comments on a photo from Kerala stating ‘he wishes to visit this place’ on Facebook and is currently located near a travel vendor listed on your website; he can be shown a relevant ad about this destination and packages offered by your vendor. Big Data makes online marketing more intuitive and aids in predicting user’s next purchase. To a marketer it gives freedom from predetermined report based on sampling of limited TG that fails to give a holistic picture to base a strategy on. In the age of automation Big Data caters to the idea of ‘customer ecstasy ‘, where his needs are catered to without him really asking for it.


With LogicServe’s legacy of building successful consumer brands in dynamic space of comparison and voucher, capturing and analysing Big Data has been a necessity. Hence, we have categorically built and tweaked technology to fetch meaningful data that can be effectively utilised with our partners to cater to consumer’s ever changing needs.


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