One Big Idea by Kanika Mathur: Coming soon – the reign of the consumer

05 Feb,2013

By Kanika Mathur, President (India), Digitas


In the future, consumers will rule completely. They will demand an experience on their terms; especially if they are willing to share who they are, where they are and what they are doing. At this juncture, agencies will need to enable a value exchange between marketers and consumers. To enable value exchanges between customers and marketers, agencies will need to offer more than one service; more than just creative or just technology or just content. The key will be the way in which agencies can combine strategic and creative services with UX, digital commerce and technology. The interplay between these skills will lead to blockbuster conversations and relationships in the online world. This complex interplay between diverse skills is the future big idea for agency success and we call it “creating digital chemistry”.


The ingredients for digital chemistry will of course be great creative thinking but with the ability to create not just visual beauty those users will want to look at, but interactive experiences that encourage engagement – supported by techniques such as fun ware and gamification. Copywriters teamed with illustrators will be replaced by storytellers teamed with UX engineers, game developers and big data analysts who provide insight into what users will want (before they know they want it). Strategists will need to understand how to use social networks to reach an increasingly mobile customer.


Digital commerce, with application development skills for creating customer-facing experiences will be requested from players with deep system integration skills capabilities of building digital commerce sites that transact thousands of secure transactions.


Lastly, acquiring different types of talent, particularly social, mobile and video capabilities that beg for screenwriters, journalists and game designers to join in will be paramount! All these ingredients will mash up to create a lasting bond between the consumer and the agency – this will be digital chemistry at work.


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