One Big Idea by Jasmin Sohrabji: Shift focus back to editorial

19 Feb,2013

By Jasmin Sohrabji, CEO, Omnicom Media Group


Not sure if I am best qualified to speak on what could be the one big idea that could be a game-changer for news television, and would rather term my thoughts on the subject as ‘back to basics’ than a game-changer! Maybe it exists and maybe it does not…but whenever I switch to a news channel, I see a very qualified anchor engaging with a bunch of people, most of whose point of view I have little or no interest in, and who are definitely not the reason I come to this news channel for! Why can’t we have what was one of the cornerstones of print journalism – The Editorial? I made an effort to read my daily newspaper every morning every single day of my life and stayed loyal to the paper. Why? Not because I need to get the daily news… that I could get anywhere. I did it because I valued the newspaper’s stance on news and its politics. I did it because the newspaper’s editorial helped me shape my own thinking. I read the news to be informed and to form my own perspectives.


News on TV has become a ‘come share your thoughts, everyone’ platform today and frankly, viewers would rather stay loyal to a stronger editorial from the lead editor/anchor than the ability of the news editor to bring guest panels whose point of view viewers have not bought into. Like I said at the start, maybe it’s there and maybe it’s not; but when I switch to my news channel of choice, I should stay on not for the guest panel, but for the very insightful editorial I am about to hear.


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