One Big Idea by Bobby Pawar: Advertising has to adapt to changing consumer culture and technology

01 Feb,2013

By Bobby Pawar, Chief Creative Officer, JWT India


I think that there is no one idea that can bring about a change in advertising. In fact, that, I think, is part of the trouble – that we are looking at one big idea to bring about a change, whereas one has to look at a suite of solutions that can help us in doing our business better.


Everybody has an opinion on what is wrong with the advertising business today, and ready with a cure, but I think it’s this mindset we need to change. We need to have a holistic view of the situation we find ourselves in today.


We need to understand that the world around us is rapidly changing and there is a need to adapt to these changes at a similar pace at which it is changing. Like with technology being liberated there is a need to come out with client centric solutions using advances in technology.


If we are able to adapt to the changing consumer culture and technology, we might be able to deliver more value to our clients.


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