One Big Idea by Anurag Bhatnagar: Need for brands to optimize digital touch points

13 Feb,2013

By Anurag Bhatnagar, Head, Media Contacts, India, Havas Digital


2013 will be an interesting mix of how brands and businesses continue to leverage social media coupled with digital activations. Will there be one defining idea? Not really. What we expect to happen is that brands will learn from their experience of 2012 (which is really the year of social media) of how to optimise their digital touchpoints.


Financial services, travel, e-commerce retailers will continue to leverage search as the primary channel for lead generation. For more brand led campaigns, we see a rising trend using video and social media activations as a preferred means of connecting with their consumers.


Today most publishers are geared to deliver video ads and we will see a greater use of this. Among the choices available, mobile will also play a significant role as a choice of connect with consumers through custom applications and more targeted campaigns.


Also, hyper targeting will allow brands to send more specific creative messaging to a greater segmented audience. The structural problems do remain however – lack of publisher data, consumer insights data coupled with clients’ unwillingness to invest deeply in analytics keeps the whole ROI conversation on digital stoked.


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