One Big Idea by Ameer Ismail: Need to harness the power of communication

18 Feb,2013

By Ameer Ismail, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas and Partners


India is a land of opportunity and contradictions, one moment we are basking in glory with India Shining, the next we are being perceived as the corruption capital of the world where there is policy paralysis and constant downgrading of our ratings and status… the imagery has moved from shining tall towers to masses of humanity struggling to get something as basic as clean water and electricity. In this crazy dichotomy, what are we? What is our edge? Are we future ready…or just confused?


We are rich in human capital…not only in numbers but in our ability to create and innovate. Our problem is we don’t have the collective wisdom to harness this power and use it to make a positive change for society. Media is also changing and evolving rapidly. This is where we as communications professionals need to do more. We have the capability and connect to make things happen. We have the potential to be creative, we have access to the masses through various platforms and media and we have a strong connect with Corporate India.


So far, we, as a collective group, have not harnessed this – the power of communication. Glimpses of this potential have been seen with successful campaigns that have started looking at societal issues. Impactful change can be only made if we get together and define a collective roadmap for the future. We have enough ability to turn perception around for the country and we must!


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