Meet the IAA Awardwinners-3 | Differentiation is not enough: Gayatri Yadav

05 Feb,2013

The recipient of the Marketer of the Year for the media and entertainment category, Gayatri Yadav, Executive vice president, Marketing & Communications at Star India, chose to downplay her role in the award and instead credited the team. MxMIndia’s Johnson Napier caught up with Ms Yadav soon after she received the metal from I&B Minister Manish Tewari to gather her reactions on the win and more.


What are your initial reactions to the inaugural Leadership Awards instituted by the IAA?

This is a fantastic initiative where they’ve managed to get three different disciplines together; it’s something I have not seen anyone else do. The organizers need to be applauded.


The line-up of shortlists under your category comprised the who’s who from Media, most of whom shone brightly with their performance last year. What worked in Star India’s favour?

Where the award is concerned, I think it belongs to the whole team at Star and not to any one individual. What makes the media as a discipline challenging from a marketing perspective is two aspects: one is that it is a very dynamic category in the world. As a category this is the only one that undergoes a change almost every day. You may have categories like Telecom etc where the pricing and other such factors may change but the product doesn’t see any fundamental change. Media is the only category whose dynamics change every day when you’re catering to the consumer. The other aspect is that the consumer always has infinite choices at his/her disposal and unless you have something exciting to offer them they won’t stay loyal.


What would be your advice to fellow marketers so that they’re ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow?

There has to be a relentless focus today on knowing who your consumer is and what they aspire to be tomorrow. And, differentiation is not enough; it is necessary for one to disrupt. Whoever follows these precepts will emerge winners in the long run.


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