Elephant refreshes Lacto Calamine

21 Feb,2013

By A Correspondent


Piramal Healthcare’s popular range of Lacto Calamine skincare products has seen a refresh by Pune-based Elephant Strategy + Design.


Speaking about the exercise, Supratik Sengupta, GM Marketing Innovations – Piramal Healthcare Consumer Products said “Elephant has brilliantly amalgamated three key elements; the brand legacy, the present brand core & the future roadmap, while creating the design identity of the entire Lacto Calamine range architecture. It is always very comforting to work with such creative partner who can imbibe the strategic aspect in the creative rendition”


“Our insight was that a self-assured woman likes to buy products that transparently tell her who they are, what they do & how they do it for her. We took the minimalist, no-frills approach to the packaging communication and design,” said Ashwini Deshpande, Co-founder Director, Elephant.


Lacto Calamine, by Piramal Healthcare, has a 25-year history and equity as a trusted skincare solution. With rebranding exercise done in 2009 (also by Elephant), it had expanded into two skincare categories with solutions for different skin types from being just one moisturizer product brand.


The challenge: While Lacto Calamine had established credence with the woman who equated beauty with simplicity, it was time to ladder up to a larger and aspirational space. It was time to connect with a “self-assured” woman who makes informed decisions. This was seen possible as Piramal team was ready with unique mix of skincare solutions with compelling propositions.


The brand needed alignment with the new positioning without losing its core of simplicity that had enjoyed unparalleled trust. From being present in basic categories like moisturizing & face wash, the trade-up was also about introducing newer products in sun protection and skin renewal space that came with definitive promises and differentiations. The challenge was to create packaging that carried simplicity from the past and also looked believable as an advanced skincare solutions expert with a growing portfolio.


With the latest launch of Lacto Calamine Reneu, the range is out there and being well-received, notes a communique.


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  1. Riaz Khan says:

    Beautifully presented range of products..very nice work guys..!

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