Dentsu Digital launches mobile marketing platform iButterfly

05 Feb,2013

By A Correspondent


Originally developed by Dentsu Inc., “iButterfly” was first launched in Japan in 2010 as a “Coupon Entertainment” platform. It’s innovative design and simple user experience soon connected with consumers across the country and became a massive marketing success story.


After creating waves in Japan, iButterfly has been successfully launched across the Asian region by many Dentsu network agencies. Markets include Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and others.


The iButterfly application, which has won many industry awards, works through a combination of three technologies : Augmented Reality, Motion Sensing and GPS. It creates a virtual environment where marketers can push branded messages or promotional information to their target audience by transforming simple content into colourful virtual butterflies that can be ‘caught’ on mobile devices and stored through a simple swipe action.


Once these butterflies are caught they can be collected and redeemed or traded for exciting offers. These virtual butterflies can also be exchanged amongst friends & family. iButterfly is also integrated into social media, ie Facebook, where consumers can keep track of new offers and information on various brands by signing up for and following the iButterfly conversation.


Dentsu Digital India is introducing this engagement platform in India for the first time with more enhanced features that are custom-built for the Indian consumer.


With the increasing smartphone penetration in urban India, as well as the huge demand for mobile apps and games, from a marketers perspective the uniqueness of “iButterfly” is that one can select a designated time, range and location where butterflies can be introduced – this adds to the flexibility of running multiple campaigns across various locations.


Apart from offers and privileges, marketers can also publish brand information or hyperlink the butterflies to their own official website , apps or even Facebook fan pages. iButterfly can also trigger consumer purchase behaviour by driving them to visit retail stores to collect special edition brand butterflies, therefore stimulating impulse purchase for a brand and increasing the opportunity to sell.


Rohit Ohri, Chairman of Dentsu India Group, said, “iButterfly is a truly transformational platform that will help brands in India create massive differentiation. In a highly fragmented media environment today, brands need to connect with consumers in a disruptive yet simple way. And iButterfly does exactly that by putting the experience right into the hands of the customers.  For customers today, it’s all about the power of immediacy and instant gratification.”


How to play iButterfly:-

1. Free download iButterfly at iTunes store

2. Turn the mobile device left and right to catch butterflies

3. Once the Butterfly is saved and stored

4. Click the Butterfly to view details of content

5. Hyperlink to brand’s website

6. Enjoy special offers and discount at retail points

7. Search for your favorite Butterflies via Google maps and continue to catch them at various locations

8. Now share your Butterflies via Facebook or Bluetooth with friends and family

To find out more about iButterfly, visit



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