Debrief: Havells Fans: Stupid pun

28 Feb,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Havells Fans’ advertising usually shines, but their new ad makes you squirm. No, they haven’t done anything safe, the ad still tries to stand on the legs of an offbeat idea, but on this occasion the idea sucks.


The TVC is set inside a marriage registrar’s office. A just married couple has arrived to ‘regularize’ their shaadi. The clerk is noting down their details, and she assumes that the bride will now adopt her in-law’s family name. But the ‘forward thinking’ groom corrects the lady. He declares, quite proudly, that it is he who shall change the family name, and not his newly minted missus. As you begin to wonder where this is going, we are introduced to Havells Fans. The connect? It’s in the punch line: Hawa Badlegi.


Now that’s a really desperate pun if there ever was one. It’s forced, it’s juvenile. I can imagine a trainee copywriter being put under pressure to come up with something funky, and he/she pulls a stunt with ‘winds of change’. The fact that this nonsense turns into an ad is a compliment to the ad agency’s selling abilities.


Don’t get me wrong, I am all for crazy stuff. But the crazy must fit into the brand promise smoothly, else it’s a waste of time. And punning, to my mind, is usually the work of a lazy creative person. People, break the clutter by all means, but break it with an intelligent method.


By the way, it’s an excellent ad for a marriage counsellor.

Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 0. Forced pun. Doesn’t work.


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One response to “Debrief: Havells Fans: Stupid pun”

  1. shyam says:

    was wondering what a stupid ad the is and what others are thinking about it. the hawa this time stinks and the guy is a moron and an ass

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