Debrief: Gillette: The Protector

12 Feb,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Till just the other day, Gillette was busy telling us men that women prefer guys who shave. They say the stubble comes in the way of ‘closeness’, and therefore most ladies abhor the stingy hair. That I have been shaving all my adult life, and am still a zero with women, is another story, of course. But I found the idea interesting.


However, the Gillette folks have now decided to inject social service into their communication, and are asking us men to stand up for women, to respect them. I think this is smart thinking. Ever since the Delhi gang rape, the spotlight has moved to the issue of women’s safety in India. And riding on the topicality will serve the brand well. I also like the fact that Gillette stays away from the usual shaving equipment advertising cliches, the same old smooth shave, freshness, etc, stuff. This is purely about brand building on an emotional platform, and in this category, where one brand is really no different from the other, it’s a good strategy.


‘Soldier for women’ is the theme of the commercial. It basically features all sorts of males and females, first standing individually, and later men surround the gals like bodyguards. Of course, all the mards are clean-shaven (Gillette does not like hairy men, remember?). 


I like this approach. Just two things: One, the creative doesn’t pack in an emotional punch, it leaves you kinda indifferent. The ad needs to be redone so that it arouses goose bumps amongst us men. This should not be very difficult; women’s safety is a charged subject. Also, Gillette must not stay at the level of a TVC, they should go all out and create a sustained 360-degree movement. So that within the next year, in the consumers’ perception, Gillette = Caring for Women. It would be a tremendous brand positioning if they can pull it off. 


Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 3. Good start. Lot of work needs to be done.


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  1. raju says:

    aisa bhi kabhi hota hai….women safety by a dam shaving kit….now thats giving me naughty ideas Anil….