Changes in Creative Abby for 2013

20 Feb,2013

By A Correspondent


This year the Abby Entry Form that has been uploaded has many new changes and additions. Some sub-categories have been added and a brand new vertical has been added.


Branded Content and Entertainment is a new vertical added this year to cover original content creation and integration by brands. Six sub-categories have been added here to include integration of brand with entertainment content for television, cinema and the digital medium. Both fictional and non-fictional programs are covered.


This new vertical will now cater to the Content Production and Media Channel industry with Feature Films and TV programmes, with brand content as well as entertainment on the internet being covered.


Branded content started with TV content influenced or sponsored by brands including serials, reality shows, product placement in shows etc. Today it is a major category as the lines between entertainment and brand are blurring with more programming being influenced by brands.


The interesting thing about this category is that the Abby will cover content production, television and other media channels and media companies, Event marketing and Agencies that plan on Entertainment brands.


Experiential events involving integration of brand is also now a sub-category. So is the use and integration of music. Also featured is the best integrated content campaign.


Based on feedback from creative directors, the Ambient Category now has more sub-categories so that super sized structures are in a different sub-category from small signages, live stunts are separate from transit media and digital outdoor is separate from instore advertising.


There has been some rationalization of sub-categories in Digital and Craft in Digital has been introduced. Product design makes a debut in the Design vertical. Material submissions in Direct have been specified with some changes. Radio and Print Craft have some additions and changes.


In keeping with the tradition of Abby being more than just an advertising award, these changes will add more substance to the multi-faceted appeal and prestige of this coveted award, said a release.


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