BusinessWorld turns fortnightly

05 Feb,2013

By Ananya Saha


BusinessWorld, the popular ABP Group business newsmagazine, is set to become a fornightly. The last issue in the weekly format is dated Feb 11, 2013. The fortnightly BW will see a change in its physical dimensions and its design. In a letter to the readers, Editor Prosenjit Datta said, “Based on feedback gathered over the past couple of years, we are adding many new sections and features to the magazine while also expanding existing sections and rethinking others.”


BusinessWorld had turned weekly in 1999. Mr Datta explained the rationale of the decision: “In 1999, when we had turned weekly, there was a very clear need to do so. Twitter did not exist, and the internet contained largely static content when it came to news. There was just one business news channel and it focused mostly on stocks. There was a great need for a business newsweekly. Most of the newspapers concentrated on news, and not analysis. Even though there were feature pages in all newspapers, they were not enough to capture the full implications of the rapidly changing business environment. There was a crying need for a weekly publication that could analyse in detail the implications of the events taking place.


Over time though, the world changed and so did BW’s core content. As the Internet matured, and more dedicated business channels were born, they took over the primary role of disseminating news. At the same time, BW itself evolved and began focusing increasingly on analysing changes that would throw up big business opportunities, or would reshape existing industries. We were also looking at the new generation of businesses and businessmen, and the long-term plans of established business houses. News became an increasingly small portion of what BW offered.”


The editor, however, promises that BW is stepping out of the news genre to focus entirely on issues, events and trends that affect business and the economy, apart from greater analysis. BW will also be expanding its coverage to several areas based on readers’ feedback, which could not be created earlier because of the constraints of the weekly format.


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