Budget view: Ajay Chacko, President, A+E Networks|TV 18

28 Feb,2013

By Ajay Chacko

President, A+E Networks|TV 18


Apart from the rise in custom duty on STBs and a forward-looking incentive for radio players, there are other things that one should look at that can impact the way we function.


Media business is primarily driven by consumer products and consumer products means consumption. So if there is an increase in the disposable income it kind of motivates people to spend more. So there have been some attempts to increase consumption and disposable income if not growth of the industry as such. The waiver that has been given to the housing sector and booster given to a couple of other industries will see the advertising environment picking up in terms of spends. This will be a good thing to happen as the advertiser spending has been slow in the past two years. So there has been an attempt to revive consumer spending which will at least lead to halt in the downward spiral of advertising spends.


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