Anil Thakraney: Want to launch an Oscar in India?

20 Feb,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Let me make it abundantly clear that I have nothing against the Filmfare awards, they are as worthy or as trashy as you deem the rest of the Bollywood awards to be (and there are plenty!). If you are a discerning cinema purist, you would be appalled by what goes on in the name of awards. However, if you are someone who enjoys dance, masti and street humour, and aren’t really a true cinema buff (in other words, a fan of crap called Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore), you would totally enjoy all these gigs.


These were the thoughts swimming in my head as I watched the Filmfare awards show. The same old item numbers, the same old crass jokes by SRK and Saif (Balki & Bulky? You gotta be kidding me, guys!), and the same old thakela faces in the front row (Rekha, her ‘secy’ and Chunky Panday have become furniture items at these events). And as usual, a long, yawny, four-hour television extravaganza, which had nothing to do with cinema per se.


And worse of all, the perpetual question mark that hangs like a sword on all Bollywood awards: What about credibility, dude? That still appears to be sorely missing. Case in point: Only the winners in the important categories land up at these events. And Shri Aamir Khan continues to shun these nautankis, because they lack the one most important thing for ANY award event: Trust. Sadly, nothing seems to be changing year after year, it’s always the same issues.


Which then brings me to the point: Very, very clearly, there’s an opportunity out here for a media brand (or any corporate) to institute a new Hindi cinema award, whose biggest promise is credibility. Where the judging is made totally transparent (perhaps televised), and the entire focus of the event is on cinema, good cinema, and nothing else. In short, all that the Oscars are to Hollywood. If someone can pull this off, earn the film industry’s respect over a period of time, all other award shows will pale into insignificance, a couple might even be compelled to shut shop.


I see an opportunity here. A gaping hole in the market waiting to be filled. Don’t you?




PS: Want to know how to make food advertising look sexy? Hottie Padma Lakshmi shows you how it’s done. Suddenly, all of us men want that damned burger. And suddenly, all of us men envy Salman Rushdie, and wonder why he let Padma go. Idiot! 🙂


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