Anil Thakraney: Someone please adopt the Kashmiri band!

06 Feb,2013

By Anil Thakraney


We all know what’s happened with most of the desi television music channels. They now do everything but play the frickin music. Completely juvenile reality shows are now integral to their programming mix. The FM radio stations at least play the songs (thank heavens for small mercies!), but all the musical fun gets demolished due to the constant chatter from the jocks, and from the (usually) boring guests they invite to their studios.


Here’s a wonderful opportunity for one of these buggers to change things, to get the focus back on music, and to build their own brand. Whichever is the smartest one of the lot shall waste no time in adopting the all-girl rock band from Kashmir, the band that’s planning to shut shop following the rape and death threats from some lunatic locals. It’s gotten so bad for these girls that even J&K’s chief minister hesitates to openly denounce the threat senders. Guess he’s worried about ‘hurting’ religious sentiments, because Kashmir’s Grand Mufti has declared the girls’ band as ‘Un-Islamic’.


Before these unfortunate young ladies abort their promising gig, an MTV or a Radio One should show some enterprise. The channel/station could relocate the girls to Mumbai or Delhi, provide them with free accommodation, take care of their education, and most importantly, finance and support their musical journey. Result: The brand will get to own this band, and its success will benefit the TV or the radio station enormously. And not to forget all the goodwill that will get generated because of the social work involved in helping these poor damsels in distress.


If one of the CEOs doesn’t move swiftly to make this happen, it would be a wonderful opportunity lost in brand building. And it will lead to the death of budding talent. Go ahead and adopt the band, people. If for nothing else, do it for the love of music, and for the love of Young India.




PS: SodaStream is a manufacturer of bubbly soda. For the Super Bowl, they decided to run a commercial that makes rival brands, Coke and Pepsi, look like bumbling fools. Sadly, the TV network, CBS, did not allow this one to be aired, because they found it too ‘explicit’ in its attack. Wow! Methinks this is harmless stuff compared to the ad attacks Coke and Pepsi regularly launch on each other. I suspect CBS chickened out, not wishing to annoy big advertisers. What a pity!




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