Anil Thakraney: Oscar Disaster

27 Feb,2013

By Anil Thakraney


First, let me vent my frustration with Star Movies. Their Oscar capsule, which was telecast from 8pm on Monday, ran for five long hours. The over-the-top Filmfare guys haven’t sunk this low. And that was mainly because of the zillion ad breaks. Now, I know the channel would want to maximize revenues on a blue chip show, and yet, surely there has to be a healthy balance between content and commerce. Surely there’s no gain in pissing people off. There has been talk of limiting advertising time on television programming, Star Movies has made me hope that becomes a reality.


Having got that off my chest, let’s discuss the show itself. I have been faithfully watching the Oscars for donkey’s years, and I have to say this: This year’s event was most definitely the worst show put up by the Academy Awards organizers. It was intolerably dreary, very, very wannabe, they tried too hard to please, and ended up with a mighty egg on the face.


Host Seth McFarlane’s ‘jokes’ (who the hell is this dude? Did they pick him up from an NYC street theatre group?) were sick and desperate. It was almost like he was begging, pleading with us to laugh. What I badly wanted was to swat his silly face. Hope never to meet this guy ever again on television.


Most of the live performances were insipid (aside from Adele, who’s always good). I have often dissed item numbers at desi award fests, but after watching the Oscar sham, I am having second thoughts. Perhaps they should have invited Angelina Jolie to shake with ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani’. Yes, it was THAT boring.


Lastly, and this isn’t the organisers’ fault… it’s in keeping with their poor run this year… even the award acceptance speeches were utterly disgusting. Only Daniel Day Lewis was witty, all others should have said ‘thanks’, and then vamoosed.


Here’s the key problem, as I see it: The Oscar suits are trying too hard to connect with the younger audiences, and that’s why all those sick sexist jokes and the ‘We Saw Your Boobs’ sort of trash. This is exactly like the 58 year old Chairman of a large company, an otherwise prim and propah gentleman, arriving at an office party dressed in Bermuda shorts and floral shirt. So that younger colleagues can treat him as a friend, as one of them. Doesn’t work Sirji, it never has! Stay serious, dear Mr Oscar, keep the suit on. We like you thataways.




PS: Haha. Very, very cute ad for Volkswagen Jetta, I love the idea. Which is that when you are facing death, your entire life flashes by you. Except that in this case the protagonist is a newly born baby, and this makes the TVC hilarious.

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