Anil Thakraney: Marketers must conjure up more V Days

15 Feb,2013

By Anil Thakraney


I write this piece on the lovely Valentine’s Day. Romance is in the air, and the social media is bursting with it. Even the mass media is doing its two bits to promote love. More so in Mumbai, now that the Shiv Sena has stopped beating up the heart shaped balloonwallahs.


Guess it’s a huge day for florists, card sellers and other marketers. And I quietly snigger at the plight of all those dolts who forgot it’s the great V Day, and bought nothing for their partners. They’ve had it, I say! And in order to ‘make good’ for their crime, they will now have to rush to buy expensive goodies. When viewed as a gullible consumer, this sort of purchase pressure is kinda exploitative. However, this is an industry portal, so I am on the side of the canny marketers, and shall suggest that the Valentine’s Day Sales Carnival can easily be extended to an all year long bonanza. Leading to windfalls for the industry.


The idea is to create two such Big Days each month. Especially in those months when there is no important festival. And then, in tandem with the media, market that day to the hilt. Imagine these: Daughter’s Day. Son’s Day. Granny’s Day. Chachi’s Day. Bhabhi’s Day. Cousin’s Day. Mother-in-law’s Day. And so on. I believe Father’s Day and Mother’s Day already exist, but for some strange reason, marketers haven’t been aggressive on them. They should be. India is a country of relations, we are emotional fools, people feel a strong sense of bonding with family, even the extended one. Wonder why CEOs have been sleeping on this goldmine. When heavy sales can happen even if there’s absolutely no need/want for the goods in the consumers’ lives.


So go for it, guys. Declare a Special Day. Create a buzz around it. Get celebs talking about it. This will get the mass media interested. The social media chatter will follow. And voila! You have another day in the calendar to embellish the toplines.


On that thought, happy belated Valentine’s Day. Hope, for your own well being, you didn’t forget to buy her/him an expensive gift. 🙂




PS: Cute idea from Scotland to promote tourism. They dressed up a couple of ponies in cardigan sweaters made out of local wool, used them in ads, and these creatures have turned into celebrities! And they help generate a great deal of curiosity about Scotland. We should do something similar with stray dogs and cows that line our streets. Dress them up in khadi kurtas. And Gandhi topis. 🙂


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