Anil Thakraney: Do Inkaar to Inkaar

04 Feb,2013

Anil Thakraney


I watched Inkaar with a great deal of interest. Because it’s been touted as the nation’s first feature film that’s wholly set in the advertising world. And must say I walked away terribly disappointed. What a waste of a setting that’s pregnant with exciting possibilities!


The problem with the flick is lack of singe mindedness (which, ironically, is the first mantra you learn in the ad biz). Director Sudhir Mishra is all over the place. Is this film about the ad guys? Or is it about sexual harassment? Or is it a good old love story? We are left utterly confused. And I think it’s turned out thus because the director found himself in a self-created trap: Mishra tries to please too many people at one go. And as any ad person will tell you, that’s a recipe for disaster.


So, the director starts off by making a movie on the ad world. But he quickly rationalizes that if he dives too deep into the inner workings of the business, the mass audiences will feel alienated. To give it a broader appeal, he’s brought in sexual harassment to the story. The two tracks, instead of working seamlessly, compete for your attention, and therefore Mishra’s been able to do justice to neither. As a result, Inkaar gives us a totally superficial view of the ad world. What makes matters worse is that Chitrangada Singh hasn’t done her homework; clearly, the actress did not bother to understand how the ad world functions. She does not look like a creative director from any angle, Singh could well be working in the General Post Office. And the climax is a total cop out. Not wanting to upset anyone, Mishra has forced in the typical happy ending, and that leaves you even more puzzled. What the heck was this drama all about?


Well, all I can say is that Inkaar is an opportunity blown. India’s first ad world based film is a washout. In fact, Sudhir Mishra has made all the mistakes that go into the making of a poor ad commercial. Instead of putting himself in the shoes of an ad agency CEO, he’s conceived this rubbish much like an insecure/worried client.


If you are fortunate enough not to have wasted time on this one, I would suggest you do a big Inkaar to any temptation to watch.


PS: Hehe. Famed outdoor artist Banksy doesn’t like advertisers very much. He has strong views on their ‘pernicious’ influence on the society. Here’s an open letter from him, designed in his own unique way. Nope, this won’t amuse my advertising and marketing pals very much. 🙂



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