Anil Thakraney: CEO Modi

08 Feb,2013

By Anil Thakraney


In an earlier post, I have matched Brand Rahul with Brand Modi. The television media has only got into the act now, so this should tell you the internet is the medium of the future. But Modi’s speech at the Delhi college gave us an insight into why the corporate honchos adore this man. By the way, I was watching the speech live, and out of curiosity, surfed all the news channels. And found that every single one was fixated on Modi, except for DD News, which was dutifully recycling an ancient Manmohan Singh speech. Sigh! Guess some things never change.


Anyway, on to Motabhai’s talk show. This wasn’t a political neta speaking. Modi’s speech was a full-on sales pitch by a businessman. It had all the elements in place: Furious marketing of the state of Gujarat, which Modi treats as his personal portfolio. A clear vision for future growth. A tangible business mantra: Speed, Scale, Skill. A positive outlook to the future. And an extremely competitive pitch… he missed no opportunity to tell you why Gujarat (his brand) prospers, while the Rest of India (the brand he wishes to own) has lagged behind. It’s well known that Modi goes out of his way to welcome the Tatas and the Ambanis to his state, and therefore the industrialists never fail to pay him compliments. But after listening to him, I realized that Modi is more a dhandhewala than a neta, which explains his corporate fan following more accurately.


And that’s a good thing for this nation. We desperately need a leader who can think big, and who has the ability to get work done. A man who operates likes a CEO. Look at the mess that’s happening in Mumbai in terms of infrastructure, and you will understand why Modi is blue chip stock. The Scale is missing, Mumbai is still planning flyovers, when the metro rail should have covered the entire city decades ago. The Speed is missing, projects go on for years and years. And sadly, even the Skill is missing, people keep dying every other day under falling debris. And potholes magically appear on freshly minted roads.


In short, Officer Modi’s time has come. Now only if he adds one more ‘S’ to his 3S mantra, he’d definitely be PM in 2014. And that ‘S’ is a big ‘Sorry’. To the Indian Muslims.




PS: Brilliant! There was a power cut at the Super Bowl for a few minutes. As most fans (and brand managers) were left groping in the dark, the Oreo guys swung into action. And quickly came up with this winner. Smart work. This sort of on-the-feet thinking you have to admire.



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