Anil Thakraney: BAFTA Awards: The perfect show

13 Feb,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Some readers of this blog might recall my review of the Golden Globes 2013. I was not very excited by the endless rambling by some of the award-winners. I had also suggested that a few cinematic insights ought to be provided to viewers, stuff that we usually never get to know.


Well, the Brits seem to have given me a good hearing, hehe. I was not just impressed with the BAFTA awards presentation, I think the way they conducted the show should be the benchmark for all movie award shows, both, abroad and in India. Here’s a checklist of all the things they did right.


The show (Sony Pix) was completed in two and a half hours (including various ad breaks). Perfect timing. This is the length of an average flick. This ensures viewers don’t tire out or fall asleep by the time the big awards are declared. A lesson to be learnt by Bollywood awards organisers.


There was just one host, Stephen Fry. The man is naturally witty, and the script provided to him shone. Plus, he did not get into verbose jokes, he was quick and sharp. And because he was performing solo, the possibility of juvenile exchange with a co-host got ruled out. (I am so not looking forward to the mindless banter between SRK and Saif at the Filmfare awards show, scheduled for telecast this weekend.)


Fry set the ground rules very early. He made it abundantly clear that winners should be crisp and rapid in their award acceptance speech. And everyone obliged, there was no need for music to be blared to stop the offenders. I am hoping to watch a repeat of this at the Oscars.


Interesting insights were provided on all the major movies, with comments from crew members. Special capsules were created for this. So much better than the idiotic spiel belted out by the so-called ‘humorous’ anchors/guests. Awards are about cinema, and the focus must remain on that.


Even the red carpet parade was short and sweet. Movie stars weren’t asked asinine questions by TV channel reporters. All we wanted was to see their designer dresses, and that’s what we got.


And yes, there was no item number. You don’t need those, we get to watch them in the movies. Don’t know when Bollywood will understand this.


Really hope other award organisers take a leaf from the BAFTA guys. Movie award shows should be fun to watch. They mustn’t be an ordeal.




PS: Sometimes the ad guys need to objectify men too, so that the ladies can have fun. Director Guy Ritchie has done just that for David Beckham Bodywear (H&M). As the sexy footballer runs through Beverly Hills in nothing but his skin-hugging chaddies. Enjoy!

[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]




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