AIMA World Marketing Congress pinpoints marketing myopia in digital age

18 Feb,2013

By A Correspondent


All India Management Association (AIMA) Third World Marketing Congress concluded recently. It highlighted the need for a fundamental change in marketing in the age of digital media and empowerment of the consumer. The theme of the congress was “Marketing Myopia 2.0”.


On the second and the final day of the event, the speakers shared their insights on many urgent marketing issues, including big data and analytics, future relevance of the traditional media, the role of NGOs in marketing social causes and the relevance of advertising agencies in the new era.


Speaking about the relevance of traditional media in the current scenario, Shefalika Saxena, CMO, Microsoft India said, “Traditional media is not at all losing relevance. Media is only media and not new or old, which is constantly changing and evolving. It’s not about newspapers or television or any other media but it’s how one uses that media to engage with the customers to sell or to market a product.”


“As world of marketing is changing rapidly every day, traditional media has to change ways of communicating with people and have to go where the audience is going rather than where media wants to take them,” Ashok Venkatramani, CEO, ABP News, said while commenting on role and relevance of traditional media in current scenario.


Talking about the importance of analytics in marketing, Clifford Patrao, Director and Leader, Strategy & Transformation-Global Business Services, India/South Asia, IBM India Pvt. Ltd, said, “Analytics are for enriching customers experience and to make product branding more user friendly. We are seeing an era where data is empowering marketing and marketers.” The delegates also discussed the new age consumers, extending product lifecycles, defining business based on customers and not products, using Internet to gain competitive advantage and the rising importance of earned media.


Koichiro Shima, Co-CEO, Creative Director and Editor, Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo and Yasuharu Sasaki, ECD, Dentsu Network, New York presented five tips to avoid myopic campaigns. Co-presenting the tips, they said, “The agencies need to design the experience that people have never experienced. Creative rectors must be good facilitators and allow people to discover message on their own rather than follow directives. It is important that agencies are flexible and are ready to tune the content and budget anytime.” The fourth point they shared was to “forget digital’ since agencies focus too much on digital making it myopic. “It is not the technology but the idea that attracts people. We need to design human touch behind the technologies.” The last tip they shared was to create social significance with the digital medium, as it offers many opportunities.


The Congress attracted more than 350 participants. The Congress afforded the delegates an opportunity to learn from the experts and share branding experience and insights with their peers.


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