AdStrat: WagonR rides on the chemistry of Madhavan, Raghu and Rajiv

11 Feb,2013

Soumitra Karnik, NCD, Dentsu India


Name of the Campaign/Ad: Maruti Suzuki WagonR – Prank


The Brief: The WagonR is one of the most successful brands from the MSIL stable. Its features, functionality and design have always catered to the needs and tastes of its target group. With changing consumer preferences and growing competition, it becomes imperative that a seasoned brand like WagonR evolves so as to continue to meet consumer expectations. The new TVC must announce the launch of the new WagonR and communicate its features without it being a blind spot.


Research insights: After the huge success of the last campaign ‘Big like India, Smart like you’ which first saw the trio of Madhavan, Raghu and Rajiv of Roadies together in a novel format describing the car and its various features, the core idea of the new campaign picks up from there, talking about the new features of the smarter WagonR in an engaging format, once again using brand ambassador Madhavan and celebrities Raghu and Rajiv. This communication piece celebrates the feature-rich WagonR and its smart buyer.


The thought process behind the creative: The story revolves around two characters in clown masks who get into Madhavan’s car and tell him to drive them around while he’s held hostage at gunpoint. During the interaction, the features are revealed. However, Madhavan tricks them and drives away leaving them behind, proving his wit and smartness. In the end it is revealed that the clowns are no other but Raghu-Rajiv themselves who had set out to prank Madhavan but end up getting tricked by him.


Media vehicles chosen: TVC, Digital, Print, In-store.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: Soumitra Karnik, NCD, Dentsu India, said, “The task was to announce the new changes in the widely sold WagonR and the challenge was how to make this announcement engaging. We decided to continue with the casting of the last commercial of Madhavan, Raghu and Rajiv as it was quite well received. This particular script was found to have all the elements of being an entertainer. A prank played by the twin brothers wearing clown masks who at the end get outsmarted by Madhavan, the car’s owner, who impresses them with all the new features in the car. One thinks of many different things but in the end you go with your gut with a script like this.”


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? The star power of Madhavan, along with Raghu and Rajiv in an engaging narrative with a prank, makes it easy to recall.


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