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18 Feb,2013

Vibha Rishi, Executive Director – Brand & Human Capital, Max India


Name of the Campaign/Ad: India- ‘For life’


The Brief: Max is a multi business corporate offering services in healthcare, health insurance and life insurance amongst others. While the Max brand architecture has undergone a change, the new communication must build trust for the corporate brand Max, by virtue of which people can choose its constituent brands with more confidence than their competitors. The three guiding principles/ guardrails that govern Max are Sevabhav, Excellence, Credibility; the communication must be reflective of this.


Research insights: The objective of the campaign is two fold. Firstly, Max will announce its new brand positioning of ‘For life’. Secondly, this gives Max the opportunity to consolidate all its service offerings under the Max umbrella. Establishing Max’s credentials as a corporate powerhouse. As this is the first time Max Corporate is advertising.


The thought process behind the creative: The brand persona of Max India is that of a Jeevan Saarthi, who will navigate you in your quest for health, wealth and happiness. The TVC uses a simple yet strong visual device of a trampoline to connote the key message that Max India helps you bounce back in life. Various interactions are built around it reflective of the values on which the Max foundation is laid.


The film opens on a beautiful morning where you see multiple trampolines placed in a cityscape. Seeing this, passerbys are surprised and get curious to check it out. The film is used to establish how people of different age groups, though apprehensive at first, set out to experience the trampoline which is really a visual metaphor for ‘Max’.


The concept of the campaign stems from the brand personality itself. In life, one is faced with many moments of truth – some challenging, some decisive, some life changing and in these moments of truth, it would be nice to have someone to fall back on, so that you can bounce back in life. The concept being that in different highs and lows of life, Max will always be there to help you bounce back.


Media vehicles chosen: TVC, Cinema, Digital, Print, BTL


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: Soumitra Karnik, National Creative Director, Dentsu India Group, “It was a fabulous experience doing this ad. It was almost like doing a large flash mob. There were over 500 people on location, six cameras placed everywhere from in between the crowd, to the rooftops of buildings, in moving cars and even one that was attached to a jumper’s knee.”


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? Mr Karnik said, “A lot of people did not even know they were being filmed. We just let the people lose their fear and inhibitions and just enjoy jumping on the trampolines. And they did, a whole lot of people did just that. Which was exactly what we wished to communicate that life is for living to the fullest and in all the ups and downs, Max will be right there to help them bounce back, just like a trampoline. To enhance this childlike exuberance, we even used a six year old girl’s voice to sing the ever popular and very apt ‘sar jo tera chakraaye, ya dil dooba jaaye” track.”


Client comment: Vibha Rishi, Executive Director – Brand & Human Capital, Max India, “Max gets the opportunity to interact with millions of lives through many million moments of truth. Each interaction results in a memorable and satisfying experience. We literally serve your need for health, wealth and happiness. The brand positioning captures this sentiment with two simple words…… ‘For life’. Our customers need help in navigating the often confusing complexities of insurance and healthcare.”


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