AdStrat: Tactical ad from 99acres

04 Feb,2013

Name of the Campaign/Ad: 99acres ‘Sochna Bhi Mat’


The Brief: The task was to communicate and showcase the various possibilities that the brand/site offers in terms of buying, selling and renting properties.


Research insights: The market was cluttered with tactical communication from almost all other players. Research showed that though people knew of the brand, they were not clear of its buying, selling and renting offerings.


The thought process behind the creative:Since the market was already flooded with property communication, the challenge was to come up with a creative that’s clearly distinct from others. Hence instead of turning it into pure, information based ad, we wanted to do so with a story backed by a true life insight.


Media vehicles chosen: Electronic media (TV Commercial) and online


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: Being a tactical communication, the key was to implement the message in a manner that it would not only resonate with the young audience but also entertain them. Another challenge was to build in the brand offerings seamlessly into the story.


Agency comment: Talking about the campaign, Creative Director, Draftfcb Ulka-Delhi, Sanjay Sharma said: “It’s a topical thing. Everyone is talking about rent, buy and sell. We just took it as a tactical exercise for the brand and have done it in a more engaging and entertaining manner.”


What is the differentiating factor about the ad:The story and execution of the ad is what sets it apart from the others.Using an interesting set-up of a young man meeting his prospective father-in-law, with a healthy dose of humor weaved in, the film plays up the true life insight that a when selecting a man for their daughter a parents foremost concern is whether the man in question owns a house of his own or not. The commercial goes on to show how the protagonist wins over his difficult to please father-in-law with the help of solutions provided by


Client comment: On the campaign, Sumeet Singh, Senior Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communication, InfoEdge India, said, “This is a tactical TVC and has been executed in a manner that appeals to both 35-plus audiences as well as young working professionals. An entertaining plot has been used to subtly inform our users about being a one stop solution for all their property related queries.”


Complied by Tuhina Anand




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