WATConsult uses Twitter to make home decor trendy

17 Jan,2013

By A Correspondent


Social media consulting agency WATConsult recently carried out an extensive Twitter campaign for the brand @home, with the objective of presenting it as a premium styling home decor brand. The campaign, targeted primarily at women, lasted for three hours within which the agency was able to make the hashtag #IWantToStyleMyHomeWith trend in Mumbai at No. 1. This was followed by top India rankings as well.


Through this campaign, the agency wanted to converse with potential customers and help them with the styling of their home. Hashtagging is a common method used to trend a particular topic in the Twitter space. With the help of the hashtag #IWantToStyleMyHomeWith, the agency wanted to trend both the tag as well as the brand as a whole.


The campaign started with the agency posting sample tweets using the brand’s Twitter handle @athomestore, encouraging followers to participate in trending the mentioned hashtag. As the number of responses increased, tweeple were asked to share their styling tips. Soon, the influencers were also seen using the hashtag and mentioning the brand.


Commenting on the success of the campaign, Nipun Kapur, COO, WATConsult said, “The exposure received by the brand was overwhelming. The campaign was aimed at propelling the customers to give ideas on styling their homes. This allowed us to interact with them and give them our own insights. We replied to most of the customers with ways in which they could improve on their home decor. We shared styling tips with them, praised them on a good idea and retweeted the best tweets. Retweets indicate that we appreciate their response and helps build customer loyalty.”


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