The Anchor: 6 reasons brands should not ignore cinema advertising

04 Jan,2013

By Girish Gupte


#1 When brands advertise in cinema, they get to target a niche audience compared to other traditional media. Niche audience, here, implies people who have purchasing power. Out of a 100 crore population, 40 percent normally spend on weekends in multiplexes and single-screens.


#2 Fair amount of ROI for brands who have advertised in cinema. The cost of a cinema ad and TV ad is almost the same. When you calculate, per-viewer cost in cinema will be slightly higher than that of TV but it is still worth it since your revenue and ROI stood up 2.5-3X.


#3 ‘Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai’ (what is seen, is sold). If you want people to at least go and have a look at your brand and when you are not targeting every Tom, Dick and Harry, cinema advertising is a platform that the client should be using. Simply because you are targeting a different set of consumers.


#4 People who are brand-conscious prefer knowing about a brand through screen. ITC, which has lots of brands, prefers cinema advertising, and off-screen branding, to reach out to a wider range of people. In case of Blackberry, people know of the brand but how many are ready to spend on it; and how many are aware of the Blackberry stores in their city? They only way these brands can make themselves visible on cinema screens.


#5 Cinema advertising is focused. Audiences cannot change channels or turn it off.


Girish Gupte is General Manager at Nest Media


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