Running for a cause, for oneself at SCMM 2013

22 Jan,2013

By Ananya Saha


There were many mediapersons participating at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, many regulars and some first-timers. MxMIndia asked some regulars to recount their experience


Ameya Joshi

No training, yet running

I have been participating since last nine times at this marathon. It is amazing to be a part of it. Having seen it grow from early years to when it has become such a mega event, it is just a super feeling. I took part in the half-marathon, and this is the category I have been participating in since always.


I do not train actually, and it is nothing but laziness on my part. I do wish to participate in the full marathon.


This time, I was running alone without supporting any cause even though DDB Mudra has supported Harmony since the last eight years.


Ameya Joshi

Deputy General Manager – Leadership, Learning & Change, DDB Mudra Max




Paritosh Joshi

The Yoga of Running – SCMM 2013

Our ancient sages have left behind a legacy that exhorts us to discover Peace, Enlightenment, Divinity, indeed, all the profoundest truths of the Universe, within. Pranayama requires us to focus all our attention on that simplest, most tangible and most fundamental of all metabolic functions: our breathing. Yoga teachers demand that we examine and become aware of every muscle and sinew as we progressively contort our limbs into ever more complex asanas.


Okay, I know what you are thinking. “There, he drifts off into another one of his stream-of-consciousness reveries”. But it isn’t, people. That was what my run this year was all about.


Each time you run a longish distance, say anything above 10 kilometres, you experience something different. On a cold morning in St. Andrews, Scotland it might be stillness and the sharp aroma of freshly mown grass near the Old Golf Course. In Kochi along the Marine Drive, it might be the gentle lapping of the incoming tide on the seawall. In Mumbai this year, with that half-marathon kicking off at 5:40 in the pitch dark, over an hour before dawn, it was, at least for me, about being drawn quietly inward.


The feet set up a rhythm. Soon enough, the breath followed as, in an act of Pranayama, the body resolved the calculus of oxygen intake and energy output. The arms began to resonate like tuning forks to the metronomic beat of feet on street. The back straightened. The head sought a more elegant perch atop the neck. This was the yoga of running.


All petty anxieties and irritants fell away. Everything came into clearer focus: street children prancing about at Worli, horses being put through their paces at Mahalaxmi, exuberant supporters lustily cheering the running pack along- hands outstretched with glucose biscuits (and in one instance, jalebis!), bands striking up merry tunes. The mind’s eye was working 20/20.


And then, bib no. 7744 crossed the finishing mat with his arms outstretched, wanting to embrace the whole world.


Paritosh Joshi

Media Strategist and commentator




Bharat Kapadia

It’s all about training your mind!

I completed the half-marathon. While I was not supporting a cause, my fitness became my cause. It was a great experience, and I completed it in my best timing at 2 hrs 17 mins. This was my sixth marathon but the very first one after i crossed 60. As a senior citizen, I was entitled to enter the 4 km race but I went for the 21 km. I trained with a group- VFM Group- we have more than 105 people in the group. About 15 of them ran 42 km and rest of them attempted 21 km. I look forward to other marathons.


There was so much energy at the marathon. People were running to support causes, and some were like me who were participating for themselves. It was a great feeling.


At the end of the day it is all about training and training your mind that you can run a marathon.


Bharat Kapadia

Chairman, Whatuwant Solutions, and Founder at


Prashant Panday

Running for confidence and fighting adversities!

Running the Mumbai Marathon gives me a high I rarely experience elsewhere! It’s a personal challenge. It’s a physical and mental challenge. Running successfully gives me confidence; helps me prepare for any adversities in life. Its uplifting. And very importantly, in the 2 hours that it takes, I am able to crack many problems that seem impossible on normal days!!


Prashant Panday
Executive Director and CEO, ENIL




Suman Srivastava

Two years to the full marathon!

I ran the half-marathon. This was my third year of participating at marathon. Surprisingly, i could not run even 100 metres three years ago. But now, I did the half-marathon. I have been training for it. I was not supporting any cause at the marathon, though I do support various causes and I am associated with an NGO.


Running a marathon is more of an internal challenge, where you have to tell yourself that you can do it, and of course you can do it.


I will try to run a full marathon before I hit 50, which is two years from now.


Suman Srivastava

Founder & Innovation Artist, Marketing Unplugged




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  1. vijay says:

    It would be great indeed if ad clubs all over the country can organize such marathons at least once a year or once in six months for the ad fraternity…it would certainly do a lot of good to everyone.

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