Publicis/MSLGROUP consultancies ranked 3rd globally in Mergermarket’s PR advisors M&A league tables

28 Jan,2013

By A Correspondent


Underlining Publicis/MSLGROUP’s’s global capabilities in the strategic communications field, the group’s various consultancies when combined ranked third in the Mergermarket’s 2012 global M&A league table for PR Advisors.


Globally, Publicis/MSLGROUP teams at Kekst and Company and CNC Communications and Network Consulting accounted for USD 144.61bn of combined transaction value in 2012, and a combined transaction volume of 151 deals, ranking them in 3rd place on both measures.


In the US, Publicis/MSLGROUP ranked 3rd in terms of value. The group includes Kekst, CNC, Capital MSL and MSL Germany. Combined, the group accounted for USD 144.47bn in transaction value in 2012. Kekst itself ranked #2 in terms of deal volume in the US in 2012 advising on 115 transactions.


Within Europe, Kekst, CNC, and Capital MSL accounted for USD 78.71bn in value, putting them in 5th place. By volume, Kekst and CNC accounted for 59 transactions, putting them in 7th place.


In Germany, CNC, Kekst, and JKL accounted for USD 39.46bn in value, while CNC and Kekst had a combined deal volume of 32. That puts the Publicis/MSLGROUP companies in 2nd place by value.


In France, Publicis Consultants, CNC, and Kekst accounted for USD 10.67bn in value, putting then in 4th place. By volume, Publicis and Kekst accounted for 28 transactions, putting them in 2nd place.


Following Mergermarket’s own methodology, Publicis/MSLGROUP’s analysis only takes into account companies that make the top 20 on a global or regional basis, and the top 15 on a country basis. Whilst providing a useful snapshot of Publicis/MSLGROUP’s performance, the results will however therefore underestimate the true market position of the combined business value and volume at MSLGROUP.


Entities at Publicis/MSLGROUP working in the Financial Communications space, and who submit data to Mergermarket, include Kekst, CNC, JKL, Publicis Consultants, Capital MSL, MSL Germany, MSL Italia, Ciszewski MSL and MSL India.


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