Jaldi 5 with Mayank Shah: ‘When you use digital, it becomes participative’

07 Jan,2013

Parle-G recently launched its recent campaign on the digital medium in two phases, Teaser and Launch Phase. In first phase the company released three teaser videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter on 30th December, 2012. Along with this they also ran a contest on Twitter with the hashtag #Ifiwereaparent.


In the second phase, the new TVC “Roko Mat Toko Mat” was launched online and went on-air recently. The new concept revolves around “Aao Banaye Kal Ke Genius”. MxM India spoke to Mayank Shah, Group Product Manager, Parle Products for more insights into using digital as a core medium.


01. Why did Parle G choose to employ digital so extensively?

The importance of digital medium is increasing. However, if you look at the penetration and reach of digital media, it has not reached the level where FMCG brands can actually think about using it. Honestly, if I was doing a regular campaign I would not have thought of using this medium. We used it because this is not a regular campaign. It is more like a movement we are talking about. we are talking to parents and bringing a change in mindset is what we are talking about. The campaign is more participative or interactive rather than a one-way communication where brand talks to the consumer. When that is the idea, the medium becomes very important. Here we are talking about providing an interactive and participative platform to our consumer to come together to own a philosophy and a movement that is about allowing kids to do what they want, nurturing their creativity.


This is why we have launched our campaign through digital.


02. Has Parle G used digital medium before for its campaign for a participative and interactive communication?

Not so extensively. It was huge but not as extensive as this campaign.


03. Would you say that measuring effectiveness of digital is easier compared to other media?

It is far easier to measure effectiveness of digital medium used than mass medium. Integral mass mediums, the only surrogate you can use are after-sales recall or those kind of things. However, when you use digital, it becomes participative. You do not only use digital to propagate your message but also asking consumer to interact with you. You can see how many people are coming in and talking to measure the success of the campaign.


04. For this campaign, what will be the communication strategy?

We have broken our campaign with digital. And then a 360-degree campaign including outdoors in 12 cities across India. As I said, we broke the campaign with digital since this is not a regular campaign. In fact to drive crowd towards digital, we used other media such as outdoor.


a What is the pie that digital commands in this 360-degree campaign?

It would be roughly around 10 percent.


05. Would you focus on brining out digital campaigns more often to engage and interact?

There is no doubt that the importance of digital is going to increase. However, it might take some time before we look at it as a standalone platform. Today, FMCG and mass-goods manufacturers look at digital as a good supportive medium rather than the principal medium. We launched our campaign on digital, and used it in the first phase as principal medium only because the campaign was participative in nature.


As told to Ananya Saha


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